When buying Hoodia Gordonii, it is best to get a bottle with more pills such as those that have 60 or even 120 pills. Apart from having a definite dosage, buying bottles which have more pills can make you worry-free as you can continue your dose, anywhere, anytime!

Your dosage depends on the particular form of the product that you buy. If you buy the Hoodia Gordonii in pills, you have to take one to two pills (a total of six pills a day) before each meal. Taking pills may change your dosage since the pills do not have a definite weight. Most pills are estimated to be around 500 mg, but can either weigh more or less.

If you get a three-ounce bottle of liquid, you will discover that your product goes a long way. Why? Because you only have to consume the product in smaller intakes! This also applies to powder form, which can also last longer time.

It is highly recommended to buy products in the largest quantity Buy Testoprime possible. You can save big time since you can receive discounts with your purchase of Hoodia Gordonii- a rare product which can relatively be expensive. Definitely, you can never go wrong in taking advantage of discounted products.

Having a definite dosage in mind will save you time in deciding how many you would need to buy. But you don’t have to worry too much. Products can be effective even if you don’t take a lot of it. By simply following the instructions, you will see the immediate results a Hoodia Gordonii dosage gladly offers!

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