With the hot sun now fully beaming down upon us, many will be turning to every method they can find to ensure they remain cool and comfortable throughout the summer period. Naturally, windows are the most effective method in ensuring a house is kept well ventilated, but few provide the high efficiency and aestheticism which sash windows from thus impeccable window company offer. Through combining authentic charm with classic design, their windows provide a simple and successful means to a fresh and airy household, without having to make great efforts at strategically positioning fans, all to no avail, or little real benefit.

With the Met Office issuing a heat-health warning over the rising summer temperatures, now is as better time than any to re-invent your property by investing in period-enhancing sash windows. These leading window specialists manufacture nothing but the finest windows in the business, and maintain their excellence throughout all areas of their service, never faulting on any aspect of their superb Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent collection. Your decision to purchase windows from these experts will also be commended with a premium fitting service from their hand-picked company preferred installers.

The BBC have also recently recognised the importance of sashes in creating effective ventilation throughout the home, advising people to reap the full benefits of such advantageous features, by leaving them open in the correct manner to maximise air flow.

Through ensuring equal gaps are created at the top and bottom of the windows, fresh air will be able to freely circulate throughout the property, keeping all within cool and contented, despite the blazing heat. Independent testing has proven that the sash window style offers the best ventilation for a home.

These experts not only supply beautiful sash windows, but they also understand the timelessness and elegance of the design. This allows them to bring the highest quality of windows to you, so that you can infuse a touch of splendour into your hom