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Gamers who are fervent and dedicated entrepreneurs have been waiting in the shopping malls to get their hands on the much-anticipated Sony PS3. Some were successful in getting the latest model from Sony on the gaming sector however others did not. Sony promises only of 400,000 PS3 units in the United States in its first introduction to the U.S. market which is very little in comparison to the amount of gamers throughout the U.S. The demand for the PS3 has been increasing, and the supply is decreasing because of production issues, it is reported, players across the U.S. have been lining up, and out, only to walk away empty handed and frustrated. To grab those last remaining units many gamers and buyers are even looking to purchase their PlayStation 3s online, which is certainly not a bad thing considering the long lines of block across brick and mortar gaming stores.

But, this shortage and growing demand for the PS3 is already predicted. The anticipation and interest of the market is expected to be able to increase and anticipation of the Sony PS3 coming a half year later than anticipated.

A few of those who are waiting in line to purchase the PS3 which are selling like hotcakes in shops and stores all over in the U.S. – are actually not only purchasing the latest gaming consoles from Sony but also looking to gift them as gifts for Christmas. Due to the lack of stock and the high demand, some customers are looking to sell their newly bought PS3 at a significantly more expensive price, and making a profits.

What can we expect from the brand new Sony PS3?

Sony PS3 is excellent for gamers who have high-definition televisions. With Sony PS3’s 1080p, only the clearest resolution is available for the visually-discriminating gamer. A bonus feature of this Sony PS3 is also the Blu-Ray Disc Drive that plays CDs and DVDs.

Certain reviews of gamers have been able to give Sony PS3 a grade lower than the one they gave Nintendo’s Wii however. In one way, players miss the shake and tremor effects when shooting a virtual gun. But the final verdict on the battle between 메이저놀이터 consoles isn’t over but. Sony PS3 has just been launched and the video gaming market is definitely waiting for a full year after the launch of the Sony PlayStation 3 for more games and new innovations. Gamers and Sony faithfuls can expect more from this new Sony PS3.