Crystal Gemstone Elixirs For Fun & Abundance

You can use crystal and gemstone elixirs to enhance and work with almost anything and everything in your life. They are easy to make, as you only need the appropriate crystal or gemstone, and some distilled or spring water. You will also need one or two glass bowls depending on how you want to charge your water with a direct or indirect method.

Pin on Abundance Mist

Here is a fun one to try and works very well! To make an abundance crystal elixir, try using a crystal gem elixir made from an Emerald, or other appropriate crystal that resonates within your vibrational fields.

Make your crystal elixir either by a direct or indirect charge, and charge for at least 1 hour. 24 hours is best and provides a stronger elixir, but if you want to try it out a bit more quickly charge the water at least for 1 hour. Pour your charged water into a spray bottle and lightly mist around your home, office or where ever you are wishing to have more abundance.

Remember to mist at least once a day for 7 consecutive days and see how the energies change and more abundance come into your life.

Also remember, it is not just the crystal elixir that is Smokeless Smudge Spray creating this. You have to stay in the right frame of mind and be open to however the abundance does manifest. Don’t pass the penny on the sidewalk and think “Oh it’s just a penny”. Pick it up and be thankful for it. The more gratitude you express the more abundance will show up!

So stay focused, positive and grateful and use your new crystal elixir to enhance your natural abilities and gifts!