Buy Online Rent Sarah doll with Rollator

The Sarah with Rollator is a doll for the birthday boy who feels really old. Or simply because you want to rub it extra firmly on the birthday boy or girl. Because a walker makes it very clear that the birthday boy or girl is just getting a bit old… :-D.

Inflatable Rollator

This inflatable rollator with mega Sarah behind it leaves nothing to the imagination. It doesn’t get much clearer: the birthday boy or girl is old, hence this inflatable rollator!

This Sarah doll with a walker occupies a clear place in the garden of the birthday boy or girl. There really is a huge whopper in the garden. 

This Sarah doll is one of the new generation. This means that this doll is made of PVC. This leaves room for more beautiful, brighter colors and full color prints. This makes this large eye-catcher even more striking.

Today, much more attention is paid to fun decorations when a woman reaches the age of 50 and can therefore be called Sarah. In the field of streamers, balloons and other decorations, there is often a choice of fairly general decoration. It is all the more fun to arrange an inflatable woman in the form of a Sarah doll with a walker for the birthday of an acquaintance or family member.
Inflatable rollator and inflatable old woman are then the appropriate inflatable figures to make it clear in a totally not subtle way that the Sarah-to-be will no longer be able to go through life as a young leaf.

Who is the doll suitable for

The inflatable old woman is of course very suitable for every woman who will have to confess that her youth will soon be really over. What can also be fun, however, is to rent the inflatable woman for an acquaintance or family member who is nowhere near 50. The number indication on this beautiful inflatable woman can be supplied with all ages. Are you up for a hilarious joke to make fun of your sister, mother, neighbor, girlfriend or colleague, then you can also rent the Sarah doll with walker when the birthday boy Jet turns 20, 35 or 40, for example. So suitable for every age! Precisely by renting the doll for someone who is still relatively young, the doll will lead to hilarious reactions. You are probably already enjoying the anticipation. When the doll is delivered,


What does the sarah doll with walker look like

The Sarah doll with inflatable rollator has a height of no less than 4 meters. Then visualize the following image: a standing woman with, of course, a gray head of hair, which is tightly tied back together, in a decent bun. The lady in question has a big grin on her face and wears a fuchsia pink dress that is relatively short and has 2 cheerful black tassels sarah pop met rollator on the shoulders, to brighten things up even more. She has tied a mint green apron over that beautiful pink dress and that apron is decorated with colorful flowers in the colors orange, fuchsia, yellow and white. That apron is there for a reason, regardless of the age for which this sarah doll with a walker is rented, the birthday boy Jet must of course continue to realize that her only right is the kitchen sink.

Because the dress only comes up to half the thighs, this puffy old woman can rightly be called a hottie. Although she pretends to be a young thing, she really needs a walker to be able to stand without drinking. That promises something if she actually puts it on a drink….
The doll is not only 4 meters high, but also 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep.
What does the inflatable rollator look like? Well, it has been designed in a flashy red color, with the handles and wheels as a contrast, nice tight black. The whole of this insanely original inflatable doll can generally be said to be cheerful and appealing. If you already take a look at the best place for the doll to be rented to arouse as much attention as possible, then nothing stands in the way of renting this great doll.